Corso sommelier Primo Livello

AIS Torino Professional Sommelier Course - 1st Level The wine tasting technique.

Torino, Sede AIS Piemonte - mappa
12 Settembre 2022 - 19 Dicembre 2022
20.00 - 22.00
15 lessons
Tasting of 45 wines, beers, spirits
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In order to subscribe you must be of legal age.
You must attend all courses punctually unless prevented by events which are beyond your reasonable control. The maximum recommended absences are 2, any more than this, students will not be allowed to attend next levels.

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Claudia Iraldo Segreteria AIS Piemonte

Lessons plan

The AIS Professional Sommelier Course is reputed as the best Sommelier program in the industry, due to over 50 years of professional experience in wine education. The 3-level course includes 45 lessons (15 each level), more than 100 hours of lessons, tasting of more than 150 wine, beers, spirits.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Sommelier Service, Tasks and Requirements
  • Viticulture, Oenology and Winemaking
  • Sensory Analysis and Aromas recognition
  • Wine Tasting Technique
  • Wines of Italy (a detailed journey into every Region, II level)
  • Wines the World (II level)
  • Sparkling wine, Passito wines, Sweet wines, Ice wines etc.
  • Beers and Spirits
  • Italian wine laws
  • Food & Wine Pairing Technique (III level)

Our Course is an incredible opportunity for people passionate about the glorious world of wine, offering the most complete education available. It is a unique starting point for anyone who wishes for a more rewarding career, or simply wishing to deepen their knowledge and enjoyment of wine.

12 September Service of Wine - Service temperatures - Wine Succession on the Table - The Tools - The Cellar...
19 September Viticulture: The Vineyard - Diseases and Defects of Wine
26 September Vinification process: White, Red and Rosè Wines
3 October Vinification process: the evolution of wine
10 October Wine Tasting Technique: Visual examination
17 October Wine Tasting Technique: Olfactory analysis
24 October Wine Tasting Technique: Taste-Olfactory examination
7 November Sparkling wines
14 November Sweet wines, fortified, botrytised, Ice wines, aromatised wines...
21 November Wine laws in Italy
28 November Beers
5 December Spirits
12 December The Sommelier: restaurants, wine shops, cellar management...
17 December Winery visit and tasting
19 December Self Evaluation Test and Wine tasting

The fee includes

Annual AIS membership
Books and digital booklet
Wine tasting notebook
Case with glasses
Wine tasting for each lesson